Course description

Senior-level course focused on creating and communicating an online professional identity. The key learning outcome is to enable students to develop digital professionalism, defined as a multimodal communicative competence honed through the practice of creating, critiquing, and reflecting upon digital artifacts they use to build and present their professional and public identities. The course will focus students? attention on (i) Production: What are the implications of using a particular platform to create a professional self? (ii) Representation: What tools do they need to analyze their own multimodal presentation of their professional selves? (iii) Circulation: What are the effects of having online representations of themselves as professionals? and (iv) Audience: What are their expectations about who will be viewing/interpreting those professional selves and for what purpose?

Minimum grade needed for fulfilling Engineering Communications Requirement depends on the major and where students use Engineering Communications Requirement towards undergraduate degree. Please seek guidance from the Engineering Advising Office.


Completed internship, professional experience, or significant undergraduate research. Must have deep proficiency with HTML, CSS, and/or website development. Enrollment may be limited to seniors.

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