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This course is only offered in the Summer Session.

Advanced development of the organization and planning processes necessary to operate a successful agricultural science education program in the public schools. Interaction with state and national resources, implementation strategies will be researched. Models of engagement identified and developed in preparation for entry into the field of teaching. Fieldwork provides experience with New York agricultural education students, teachers, and curriculum development for new programs.

Outcome 1: Express a mastery level understanding of the structures, purposes, and philosophy of agricultural science education.

Outcome 2: Express a mastery level of understanding curriculum theory and curriculum practices.

Outcome 3: Describe the processes involved in planning and managing a program of agricultural science education.

Outcome 4: Develop and sequence the content for a course that meets the needs of your students, community, and school that conforms to the requirements of the New York State agricultural curriculum and supports the New York State Learning Standards and national
Agricultural Food and Natural Resources standards.

Outcome 5: Establish a plan for establishing a new or redeveloping an existing agricultural program.

Outcome 6: Develop a five-year plan for your own professional development.


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