Course description

Covers static, quasi-static, and dynamic electromagnetic fields and waves. Topics include Maxwell’s equations (integral and differential forms), fields of charge and current distributions, boundary conditions, fields near conductors, method of images, material polarization and dielectrics; energy, work, and power in electromagnetic systems; wave propagation and polarization, waves in media (dielectrics, conductors, and anisotropic materials); reflection, transmission, and refraction at media interfaces; guided waves in transmission lines, Smith charts, transients; metallic and dielectric waveguides; radiation and antennas, antenna arrays, electric circuits for transmission and reception, aperture antennas and diffraction.

Outcome 1: Be able to use vector calculus to solve Maxwell’s Equations describing the electromagnetic
static and dynamic fields in a variety of geometries and coordinate systems.

Outcome 2: Be able to analyze electromagnetic wave propagation in free space and in different

Outcome 3: Be able to analyze electromagnetic wave propagation through guiding structures
(metal and dielectric waveguides and transmission lines) under various loading
conditions, and design impedance matching circuits for optimum power transfer.

Outcome 4: Be able to analyze and design wire antennas, arrays and dishes.

Course is offered for the COOP program & students not participating in the COOP program are welcome to enroll assuming prerequisites are met. Course is subject to cancellation if there are no COOP students enrolled & extremely low enrollment numbers.


PHYS 2213, MATH 2930, and ECE/ENGRD 2100. Non-Cornell students must get permission of instructor to enroll.

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