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In this online version of Earth in the News, we will analyze and discuss the science behind some of the most pressing issues of the 21st century (such as climate change, energy, and biodiversity loss) and the most challenging natural hazards (such as earthquakes, volcanoes, storms, and floods). Through these lenses, we will cover the foundations of Earth system science. As a geographically distributed group of students, we'll use also use online data and digital imagery to learn about and share aspects of the Earth and environment in each of our home communities and in other places of special interest. We will also consider Earth history as context for current Earth change and to investigate why the Earth looks as it does today. Students will make virtual trips to natural features of the Cornell campus, the region around Ithaca, and other sites globally. Classes will use both asychrononous written discussion and periodic real-time videoconference meetings at times mutually convenient to students across time zones.


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Summer 2020: Online course

Section ID:EAS 1108 001-LEC
Class dates:June 22-August 4, 2020
Due date:Friday July 31, 11:59 PM (see Final exams)
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Mode of instruction:Online learning
Grade:Student option
Instructor:Ross, R. (rmr16)
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