Course description

This is a two-credit course designed to add engagement and experience to DEA 4224, a seminar/workshop class that prepares students to participate in a global educational experience. During the stay in Cuba, we will explore its visual culture through its art, architecture, and design by visiting buildings, studios, museums, and galleries and meeting with architects, artists, designers, and curators. Student projects will include a photo essay and reflective journal.

Outcome 1: Develop grounding in the field of visual culture through the learning and applying of visual design principles.

Outcome 2: Engage in critical thinking by creating visual projects involving criticism, synthesis, and connectivity to course content in DEA 4224.

Outcome 3: Apply explicit concepts to creative original works to learn the connections between knowledge, research, and design.

Outcome 4: Develop communication skills through photo essays, oral presentations for the assignments, and the keeping of a journal to document the creative process.

Outcome 5: Understand ethics as a latent part of aesthetic appreciation of design. Focus on various environmental issues pertaining to the studio and the built environment.

Permission of instructor required. Offered in Cuba


Recommended prerequisite: studio experience

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