Course description

This course is an overview of significant Cuban historical and cultural watermarks providing a context to the rich visual culture and built environment of Havana, Cienfuegos and Trinidad. Colonial contact, post-Colonial exploitation and American influences will set the stage for Revolution, Soviet influence and Cuba after the special period.

Outcome 1: Explain global citizenship and identify what type of citizen they are and develop Intercultural skills.

Outcome 2: Describe important country and regional-specific factors relating to geography, culture, history, politics, health and safety and discipline specific system of the country to which they will travel.

Outcome 3: Develop Intercultural skills. Demonstrate behavior in class that is culturally appropriate in the country to which they will travel.

Outcome 4: Interact with and build rapport with students in the class and on the field trip. Express simple greetings and phrases in country-specific language.

Outcome 5: Develop a personal project.

Permission of instructor required. Offered in Cuba

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