Course description

This course is an introductory design studio. The primary course objective is to introduce principles of visual literacy as it pertains to two-dimensional and three-dimensional issues in design at all scales. Concepts about representation, expression, composition, color, form, light, structure, and function will be explored through project based learning. The emphasis will be on learning explicit compositional concepts, visualization skills, and media techniques as well as implicit design sensitivities to serve the student throughout the rest of his or her DEA experience and beyond.

Outcome 1: Develop grounding in the field through the learning 2D and 3D design principles both in theory and in practice (comprehend discipline and field).

Outcome 2: Investigate a number of disciplinary perspectives including painting, typography, mathematics, engineering, architecture, product design, and interiors in the studio projects (apply multi-disciplinary perspectives).

Outcome 3: Apply explicit concepts to creative original works to learn the connections between knowledge, research, and design (think critically).

Cost of materials: approximately $200. Permission of instructor required for non-DEA majors. Enrollment limited to: DEA majors. DEA majors must earn a B- or higher in DEA 1101 to enroll in subsequent studios.

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