Summer Session 2021

Course description

Programming and problem solving using Python. Emphasizes principles of software development, style, and testing. Topics include procedures and functions, iteration, recusion, arrays and vectors, strings, an operational model of procedure and function calls, algorithms, exceptions, object-oriented programming, and GUIs (graphical user interfaces). Weekly labs provide guided practice on the computer, with staff present to help. Assignments use graphics and GUIs to help develop fluency and understanding.

Outcome 1: Be fluent in the use of procedural statements -assignments, conditional statements, loops, method calls- and arrays. Be able to design, code, and test small Python programs that meet requirements expressed in English. This includes a basic understanding of top-down design.

Outcome 2: Understand the concepts of object-oriented programming as used in Python: classes, subclasses, inheritance, and overriding.

Outcome 3: Have knowledge of basic searching and sorting algorithms. Have knowledge of the basics of vector computation.

Forbidden Overlap: Due to a partial overlap in content, students will receive 6 credits instead of 8 if they take CS 1110 and one of the following: CS 1112, CS 1114, CS 1115, BEE 1510, INFO 1100, and VISST 1100.


Assumes basic high school mathematics (no calculus) but no programming experience.

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Summer 2021: Online course

Section ID:CS 1110 001-LEC
Session:Summer 6-week
Class dates:June 21-August 3, 2021
Due date:Friday July 30, 10 AM - 11:15 AM / Online (see Final exams)
Time / room:M-F 10 AM - 11:15 AM / Online
Mode of instruction:Online learning
Grade:Student option (no audit)
Instructor:Kappe, T. (twk49)
Max. enroll:95
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