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New media communication has been blurring the traditional roles of content creator and consumer. Professional communicators such a journalists, screenwriters, advertising executives, documentarians, and podcasters- are now expected to know how to use alternative storytelling forms to reach their audiences. They need to know how to gather information through a variety of sources such as crowdsurfing and social media, quickly and efficiently write , edit, record audio and video. Thus course will explore these new delivery systems and provide guided practice of emerging communication forms. Fundamentally, this course is about writing-concisely, accurately with a clear and active voice- for new digital media with a focus on the personal narrative.

Outcome 1: Write, edit and produce both personal narratives and community based research topics in essay, podcast and short video documentary formats.

Outcome 2: Collaborate, and share written and produced content with the class in the form of audio/visual and oral presentations.

Outcome 3: Encouraged to express their diverse perspectives.


sophomore standing.


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