Course description

This course focuses on how leaders in a variety of fields use design as a social change agent. It interweaves theories of leadership and creative problem-solving through case study examinations of a wide range of design innovations in technology, communication, business, education, medicine, human development and ecology. Students learn how design affects their daily lives from the person to the planet. Additional topics include nurturing creativity, visual communications, values-led entrepreneurship, and designing across cultures.


Winter 2021: Online course

Section ID:COGST 1111 001-LEC
Class dates:January 4-23, 2021
Due date:Saturday January 23, 9 AM - 12 PM / Other, Off-Campus (see Final exams)
Time / room:M-F 9 AM - 12 PM / Other, Off-Campus
Mode of instruction:Online learning
Grade:Student option
Max. enroll:10
  This is an online course. Please review the online course FAQs.
Related:Cross-listed with DEA 1110 001-LEC
To enroll:To enroll, complete and submit a course enrollment form and your payment to the Cornell SCE office. For more information, see enrollment and registration. Please note that late registration fees may apply.

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