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This course is only offered in the Summer Session.

An introduction to flora of the Isles of Shoals in the context of island biogeography, mapping of rare plant habitats, and the management of invasive plant species. Through both field and classroom exercises, we will consider the floristic changes the Isles experienced from past and to present, and predict trends into the future to help preserve the Isle’s unique flora.

Outcome 1: By the end of the class, students will: Become familiar with the flora of Appledore (and possibly Star) and be able to distinguish native vs invasive species, rare species, and harmful (poisonous) species.

Outcome 2: Know how to conduct plant surveys and apply the appropriate methodology for their intended purpose.

Outcome 3: Document rare plant(s) using Natural Heritage’s rare species occurrence forms.

Outcome 4: Map plant habitats using GPS, which may include natural communities, limits of invasive species stands, or location of isolated rare species.

Outcome 5: Contribute to an ongoing island-wide floral survey and habitat mapping effort.

Outcome 6: Produce plant habitat map(s) using GIS, Google Earth or other open source software.

Outcome 7: Understand the factors that lead to habitat stability or floristic change over time on the island.

Outcome 8: Completed a modest plant collection and prepare a selection of herbarium specimens to to stored at UNH’s Hodgdon Herbarium.


One semester of introductory biology


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