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We live on a microbial earth. If we happen to consider microbes in our daily lives most people conjure images of disease, but in reality we depend on microbes to sustain our world. This course showcases the vast microbial world that hides in plain sight all around us and use microbial examples to explore both fundamental biological principles and the scientific method. Course modules emphasize basic concepts from evolution, molecular biology and genetics, diversity, and ecology. Learn about the tiny titans and miniature monsters that are the life support system of our planet, how they have shaped human civilizations, and how they reveal the unifying principles of life.

Outcome 1: Describe the major biogeochemical cycles of the Earth.

Outcome 2: Recognize and identify the unifying molecular and biochemical characteristics of living organisms.

Outcome 3: Describe the importance of evolution as a cornerstone of biology.

Outcome 4: Apply the scientific method, as well as learn how science uses objective observation and empirical measurement to evaluate alternative ideas concerning the underlying principles that govern biological, physical and chemical processes.

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