Course description

Focuses on understanding the principles of heat and mass transfer in the context of biological (biomedical/bioprocessing/bioenvironmental) systems. Emphasizes physical understanding of transport processes with application examples from plant, animal and human biology, the bioenvironment (soil/water/air), and industrial processing of food and biomaterials. Development of problem solving abilities is emphasized using active learning techniques.

Outcome 1: Students will apply knowledge of mathematics, science, and engineering to define and solve problems in heat and mass transfer in biological engineering.

Outcome 2: Students will improve their ability to identify, formulate, and solve engineering problems.

Outcome 3: Students will improve their capacity to integrate modern biology with engineering principles.

Course is offered for the COOP program & students not participating in the COOP program are welcome to enroll assuming prerequisites are met. Course is subject to cancellation if there are no COOP students enrolled & extremely low enrollment numbers.


MATH 2930 and fluid mechanics course.


MATH 2930 and fluid mechanics course.


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Previously offered classes

The BEE 3500 001-LEC section of this course has been canceled.