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Course description

This course is only offered in the Summer Session.

Monkeys and apes have comparatively large brains, rely on group life for their ecological success, display a wide variety of social and breeding structures, and exhibit social behaviors that are familiar to humans. Thus these anthropoid primates are an important lens through which to study the evolution of intelligence and complex social behavior. Through lectures, films, readings, and discussion, Anthropology 2390 will explore social intelligence in the Primates. After overviewing behavioral diversity across the order, we will examine in closer detail the social behavior of the African apes, our closest surviving primate relatives. We will then consider how the social sophistication of modern apes can be used to understand the evolution of uniquely large brains and unparalleled social complexity in humans.


Summer 2019: Online course

Section ID:ANTHR 2390 001-LEC
Class dates:May 29-June 21, 2019
Days/times:Online course
Location:Online course
Grade:Student option
Instructor:Arcadi, A. (apc13)
Max. enroll:10
  This is an online course. Please review the online course FAQs.

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