Class lists are available through the Faculty Center as well as through the School of Continuing Education (SCE) Summer and Winter Session Portals. Class lists in the Faculty Center will include co- and cross-listed classes on the photo roster.

As indicated in the appointment contract, faculty who have classes "on demand" should verify and note mid-session enrollment, as it determines salary.

The class lists on all three sites include student photos. Please note, however, that the Summer Session and Winter Session Portals update once daily, so changes made within the last 24 hours may not be reflected on those sites.

The class list includes the names of students who enrolled for your course. On the first day of class, check the names of those in attendance against your enrollment list and inform any students who have not already done so that they must complete their enrollment with the SCE office by

  • The second day of class for the Three-Week Summer or Winter Session
  • The third day of class for the Eight- or Six-Week Summer Session

Students who have not officially enrolled by that day will be required to petition to be allowed to do so.

It is essential that all students attending classes officially enroll and pay tuition, regardless of whether they wish to take a course for credit or for audit. Please do not permit any student to attend who has not officially enrolled. It is unfair to students who have paid tuition to allow others who have neither registered nor paid tuition to attend class. In addition, the university and the faculty member can be placed at liability risk by an unregistered student. To verify a student's official registration and enrollment, please contact SCE at or call the SCE office, 607.255.4987.

Please do not manually enroll students into a Canvas course. Once students are officially enrolled, they will have Canvas access.

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