Instructor absences

Because of the intensive nature of summer and winter periods of three weeks or less, anticipated absences from teaching commitments are not permitted.

If, during the Eight- or Six-Week Summer Session, you anticipate an absence of three or more days, you must obtain prior approval from Daniel Kratochvil, director of Cornell University Summer/Winter Session (607.255.2776).

If you become unable to fulfill your teaching duties because of illness or other unanticipated circumstances, you should follow your department's procedures for ensuring that your classroom responsibilities are covered. Please also have someone inform the School as soon as possible of any alternative arrangements that have been made.

Student absences

If students are absent for three days or more, it is important that you contact the SCE Registrar (607.255.4987). The Registrar may have further information about the student—for example, that the student dropped the course—or be able to follow up directly with the student. See also Advising.