Proposing a course

To propose a course in the Summer or Winter Session, please discuss the possibility with your chairperson or school director.

We are particularly interested in offering those courses that

  • Help Cornell students meet degree requirements,
  • Are usually overenrolled in the fall or spring,
  • Will not be offered in the following year because of faculty leaves or position vacancies,
  • Are required by students in other departments,
  • Include engaged learning components, and
  • Are offered through online learning.

Every course proposed must have a reasonable prospect of attracting an adequate number of students. For most courses, this is approximately ten students. If a course has recently had fewer students or has not been offered for some time, please include your justification for proposing the course in the cover letter that accompanies the course's submission to the chairperson or school director.

Although proposals must be submitted through your chairperson or director, we are available to discuss any course ideas you may have at any time. For questions about proposing an course, please contact Ruby D. Brown (607.255.6627), or department course coordinator.

To propose a special program or a course taught through online learning (see course formats), please contact Janna Dawn, associate director of special programs (607.255.7405).

Making changes

Students often plan their spring and fall courses of study and their work schedules around the information available on the Summer and Winter Session websites. Course cancellations or changes in session or time may have a serious effect on their planning and progress through their degree program. Once courses have been announced on the website, they should not be changed unless it is absolutely unavoidable. Course changes must be approved by the department chairperson and must receive final approval by Daniel Kratochvil, director of Cornell University Summer/Winter Session.

For Winter Session course format see Course Formats.

To request a change in class time, you should first discuss the matter with your department. Class times require the approval of Daniel Kratochvil, director of Cornell University Summer/Winter Session. Please have your department's representative contact Ruby D. Brown (607.255.6627) or Janna Dawn (607.255.7405) with your request.

Information about course changes is updated regularly and is available at all registrations held in 260 Day Hall and/or in B20 Day Hall.

New & significantly changed courses

Any courses that have not been previously approved must be submitted to your college's educational policy committee for its consideration prior to, or simultaneously with, submission to the SCE office. A statement of the committee's approval will subsequently be required before the course can be offered.

College of Arts and Sciences departments are required to submit the following courses to the College's Educational Policy Committee:

  • Any course to be taught by a graduate student or other non-faculty person. (Prospective instructors will be expected to have passed their "A exams" and to have had substantial successful teaching experience.)
  • Any course that has previously been approved by the EPC that has new features that now make it "experimental" or "innovative"
  • Any course in which the teaching assistant's responsibility will be different from that during the fall or spring semesters

Specific questions about this policy should be addressed to Debra Morey (607.255.7061).

Departments of other colleges may have similar requirements. Please check with your department chairperson.

The Faculty Center

The Faculty Center provides a single entry point to the tools faculty need to advise students and to view class information (teaching schedule, class rosters, and grading information). The Student Center will provide designated academic administrative staff the ability to access student information to support faculty and students.