Grading basis

The grading basis for each class may be set as letter (A+ to F), satisfactory/unsatisfactory (S/U), or "student option," in which case the student may select either letter or S/U as the grading basis for that class.

Students may request to change their grading basis for "student option” classes" prior to the deadline by submitting an electronic add/drop/change request form prior to the deadline or, for currently matriculated students, by making the change in Student Center.

Once the deadline has passed, all requests for grading basis changes must be done via petition to the SCE office and will require instructor approval.

Note: Students from other colleges and universities may not be familiar with the Cornell S/U grading option. You should make it very clear to those who select this option that credit reported with an "S" grade may not easily apply towards their degree. It should also be mentioned, for the benefit of any public school teachers who might be taking the course, that many school boards demand letter or numerical grades if courses are to be credited toward salary increases.

Grade submission

Grades for courses in all sessions or periods must be submitted through Faculty Center.

Grades are to be submitted within 72 hours of the final exam, project, or last day of class.

To access grade rosters in Faculty Center, you must sign up for Cornell's two-factor authentication service. If you have already signed up for this service, then please proceed in Faculty Center.

Making changes after grades are posted

If you need to make changes to a grade after it's been posted, please use the Online Grade Adjustment Application (OLGAA).

The only acceptable reasons for a grade change are

  • A calculation error.
  • An entry error.
  • A late grade, which is a grade not provided before all unentered grades turn to NGR (no grade reported) but not after the official end of the term. This reason is only used when absolutely necessary and typically due to extenuating circumstances.
  • The makeup of an incomplete grade, which is a submission of a grade following the initial assignment of an incomplete grade.
  • A credit hour change (for variable-credit classes only). Occasionally and by petition only, students will be granted permission, typically in extenuating circumstances, to change their credit hours after a grade has been assigned. In that case, a grade will need to be recalculated and re-submitted via OLGAA.
  • Grade option change. Occasionally and by petition only, students will be granted permission to change the grading basis for a course after a grade has been assigned. A grade will need to be re-entered via OLGAA in that case.

Assigning an incomplete

The Summer/Winter Session policy regarding the assignment of an incomplete is the same as the policy outlined in the Cornell University Faculty Handbook. Please read through this policy thoroughly.

An incomplete (INC) may be reported temporarily in place of a grade - not as a final grade. Assigning an incomplete is appropriate only when two basic conditions have been met:

  1. The student has substantial equity at a passing level in the course, and
  2. The student has been prevented by circumstances beyond his or her control, such as illness or family emergency, from completing all of the course requirements on time.

An incomplete may not be given simply because a student fails to complete all course requirements on time. In deferring completion of some major course requirement, a student might gain an advantage over his or her classmates by gaining additional time to do a superior job. This is not an option that may be elected at the student's own discretion.

An incomplete must be made up within a period of one year for courses offered through the School of Continuing Education and Summer Sessions. The instructor may set a shorter time limit at their discretion.

An Incomplete Form must be completed through the Online Grade Adjustment Application (OLGAA) indicating the reason for the incomplete and the time restriction allowed.

If a student fails to complete all coursework within the time permitted (a maximum of one year), the incomplete will be converted to a grade of F. The option to make up the work is then lost. It is the responsibility of the student to see that all incompletes are made up within the deadline and that the grade change has been properly recorded with the Continuing Education registrar.

Faculty members should never give an incomplete because of pressure to meet the deadline for reporting grades. The symbol INC becomes a permanent part of the student's transcript, even when a grade is later submitted. All questions about this policy should be directed to the SCE Registrar (607.255.4987).

Assigning an F or a U

If an F or a U is assigned to a student, a failing grade form must be submitted through the Online Grade Adjustment Application (OLGAA). If the F is a result of failure to complete a previously assigned grade of incomplete (INC), you do not need to complete a failing grade form in OLGAA.