Explore the origins of modern photography

This exciting new class will explore the origins of modern photography through traditional black-and-white 35mm film and silver gelatin prints.

We'll spend the week flexing our creative muscle as we translate our colorful world into stunning shades of grey.

We'll begin by learning how to use analog cameras and capture images on black-and-white 35mm film. Moving into the darkroom, we'll develop our film and enlarge our negatives to create vibrant silver gelatin prints.

During a visit to the Johnson Museum of Art, we'll draw inspiration by viewing original black-and-white photographs by some of the most celebrated 20th-century masters.

And at the end of the week, we'll share an exhibition of our photographs with the entire CAU community.

Led by artist duo Jennifer Gioffre Todd and David Todd, this class welcomes both the complete novice and those returning to their photographic roots.

No prior photography experience required. Cameras, film, and all course equipment will be supplied. Materials fee: $100.