Former director at the SC Johnson College of Business discusses his summer business course in NYC

by Shelley Preston,
SCE News, April 5, 2023

This summer, students can explore business management in the center of global business by taking The Business World in New York City, offered by Cornell’s School of Continuing Education and Summer Sessions. This popular three-credit foundation course runs May 30 through June 16, 2023, on the Cornell University ILR NYC Campus on Lexington Avenue.

The course is led by Erik Michielsen, a managing director at World 50, Inc. and former regional director of the Cornell SC Johnson College of Business. His rigorous academic course, Introduction to Business Management (AEM 1200), is designed to give students a toolbox of resources they can apply to future business management studies and professional pursuits that may range from leadership and strategy to managing people, operations, marketing and finance.

Students dig into case studies, participate in team-based entrepreneurial business simulations to gain firsthand insights into running a company, hear from leading business executives, and visit a cutting-edge company in Manhattan.

Former participant Abigail Agavs, said, "I loved the fact that it was in New York City. I liked that this was an intro class that presented many of aspects of business. The class definitely helped me plan for the future."

SCE asked Michielsen what students should know before enrolling in the class.

What is the ideal student for The Business World in NYC?

Anyone who is interested in the foundations of business and management. Their explorations in the class can be personalized to their individual passions and pursuits.

What are some of the things you are most excited to share with students to this year?

I love bringing my experience into the class. My work involves business executive peer networks and leadership development programs for CEOs and their teams. I’ve learned so much from them over the past several years and always treasure being able to layer in these business leadership perspectives into course content, including the Nike case study and business simulation.

What should students need to know about studying in New York City?

You are at the center of business and every day you will be able to connect what you learn in class to what you experience in your life—the world of business management is everywhere once you know where to look!

What do you enjoy about teaching about this course?

The students come from many backgrounds and paths of study, which makes discussions more insightful as we learn together as a class. We also will get to meet several guest speakers who will share their anything but linear career journeys with class and engage in engaging Q&As.

What do you hope your students come away with by the end of the course?

The skills to recognize the many elements of business management such as finance, marketing, digital leadership, and others, plus frameworks to apply those tools in continued academic and professional pursuits. Also, I hope students build a network of peers to learn from and find support in as their studies progress.

The deadline for visiting students to register for The Business World in New York City is May 15. Cornell students may enroll up to May 30. For questions about cost, eligibility, housing, enrollment, and more, please visit the course website.