The School of Continuing Education and Summer Sessions (Cornell SCE) is led by Dean Mary Loeffelholz and supported by talented, experienced, and highly motivated professional and administrative staff members.

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Dean's Office

Name / TitleEmailPhone
Mary Loeffelholz
ml2657607 255-7393
Ben Balkaya
Associate Dean for Administration
hyb6607 255-6210
Daniel Kratochvil
Senior Associate Dean of Academic Affairs
djk296607 255-7393
Beth Beach
Executive Staff Assistant
eh85607 255-7393

Communications and Marketing

Name / TitleEmailPhone
Ann L. Morse
Executive Director
alm21607 255-7692
Jamie L. Calabris
Design and Digital Marketing Specialist
Shelley Preston
Communications and Marketing Specialist
sep246607 255-8226
Alison A. Taren
Marketing Project Management and Communications Specialist
aad5607 255-7420
Mitch Wiedemann
mtw7607 255-7285

Finance and Administration

Name / TitleEmailPhone
Jesse Kreager
Finance Manager
jwk236607 255-4989
Ruby D. Brown
Senior HR Business Partner
rdb6607 255-6627
Christopher C. Hinman
Senior Administrative Assistant
cch224607 255-7078
Deanna Eastwood
Finance Specialist III
Karolina Fucikova
Learning and Assessment Specialist
kf393607 255-5966
Tiffany Jordan
Accounts Representative
tsj7607 254-8765
Beth M. Underwood
Accounts Representative
bmu2607 255-7039

Information Technology

Name / TitleEmailPhone
Graham Dobson
Information Technology Manager
gd11607 255-4244
Melissa Cole
Applications Programmer
mac234607 255-0420


Name / TitleEmailPhone
Emily Ivory
Director of Admissions and Registrar
eft24607 255-4987
Amie Goble
Assistant Registrar
aln26607 255-7258
Sam Hamilton
Slate Systems Analyst
skh92607 255-8719
Ashley Keister
Student Services Administrative Assistant

Special Programs and Professional Studies

Name / TitleEmailPhone
Janna L. Dawn
Associate Director
jlb34607 255-6203
Collins Peters
Sr. Program Assistant

Precollege Studies

Name / TitleEmailPhone
James A. Schechter
jas349607 255-6203
Janna L. Dawn
Associate Director
jlb34607 255-6203
Shari L. Clement
Administrative Assistant
slc3607 255-6203
Nancy Hardesty
Administrative Assistant
nh22607 254-9716