Pre-Collegiate Summer Scholars Program

The Pre-Collegiate Summer Scholars Program (PSSP) will be offered as a residential program from June 14 through August 2, 2023. Students will be required to adhere to Cornell's COVID-19 rules and regulations. Cornell continues to keep students healthy and safe on campus by diligently following the CDC COVID-19 safety guidelines.

Invitation-only program prepares you for the academic rigors of college

The Pre-Collegiate Summer Scholars Program (PSSP) is designed to help you prepare for the challenges of your first year at Cornell. As part of your admittance to Cornell, you may be either required or invited to participate.

Your course schedule will be determined by your college. Typically, you'll enroll in

  • Regular summer session courses;
  • Enrichment courses in areas such as writing, chemistry, or mathematics; and/or
  • A college achievement seminar focusing on skills such as time management.

The program includes workshops, guest lectures, and a wide range of social and cultural activities.

Participation in PSSP is restricted to students selected by college offices. If you're invited to attend, you'll be notified by mid-May.

Tuition, fees, and room and board charges are covered by the program.

For information about PSSP, email