Requesting a teaching assistant

For classes that have budgets approved with a status of TA Pending, a graduate teaching assistant may be selected once enrollment has reached the required minimum (typically, 15 or more students). The TA’s compensation will be based on experience and the guidelines established in the provost-approved Faculty Policy and Salary Schedule.

Generally, TAs are graduate students. In rare cases, undergraduate students may be assigned as Student Services Assistants to support teaching staff. Undergraduates are hired under hourly appointments, and time submission is to be monitored by the departments. For the College of Arts and Sciences, undergraduate assistants assigned in lieu of a TA must be approved by the college.

Contact your department's course budget administrator to submit the proposed TA in the SCE budget system.

Teaching assistant resources

The Center for Teaching Innovation offers a central place where teaching assistants can go for insight and assistance with their teaching responsibilities. All graduate students are encouraged to explore the resources on the CTI website and to visit their office at the Computing and Communication Center (CCC) at 235 Garden Ave., Room 123, between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.

Health coverage extensions for summer TAs

Health coverage generally expires at the end of July. If you're currently paying for the Student Health Plan/Health Fee and you'll be teaching in August, but you do not plan to continue at Cornell this fall or the following spring, you may be eligible for a credit to cover the one-month extension fee, provided you have not received other funding.

For information about the extension credit, contact Ruby D. Brown at