Compensation for Summer & Winter Session courses

If your class is "fully approved" with the salary guaranteed, you will be paid according to the Provost's Faculty Policy and Salary Schedule for the School of Continuing Education and Summer Sessions (SCE). Note: University rules permit Cornell faculty members on nine-month appointments who teach in the Summer Session to receive no more than the equivalent of three months' additional salary. If your class has no enrollment and is cancelled, you will be paid $500 in consideration for preparation time.

If your class is approved "on demand," a special salary scale (based on enrollment) and payment schedule will apply.

Contact your department course coordinator or the SCE office to view a copy of the Provost's faculty policy.

For a general outline of the appointment process for SCE faculty, graduate student lecturers, and TAs, please visit our appointments page. Contact the SCE office if you have questions.

Direct deposit and electronic delivery of pay stubs

Cornell employees and students may sign up to have their paycheck automatically deposited into their bank accounts. All students, active employees, and new hires can manage their own direct deposit enrollment through Workday. Follow the instructions for setting up direct deposit and stopping or changing your payment or bank elections.

The payroll office offers electronic delivery of all pay stubs via Workday, with which employees enrolled in direct deposit can obtain earning information and verify deposit amounts. Note: Due to processing and pre-notification times, it may take up to two paycheck cycles before funds begin being direct-deposited. During this time, paychecks will continue to be mailed to the address on file.

Employees and students not enrolled in direct deposit will have a paper paycheck mailed to their "primary" address as recorded in Workday.

Employees can verify their address via Workday.