This SCE faculty and instructional staff handbook complements, and is an addendum to, the university Faculty Handbook.

It highlights key aspects of faculty and instructional staff responsibility and information to enable you to have a satisfying experience teaching in the Summer or Winter Session.

This information is also applicable to teaching assistants, including graduate teaching assistants covered by University Policy 1.3.

Why should I teach in the summer or winter session?

Summer/Winter Session offers you:

  • Opportunities to try out new courses
  • Time to test new teaching methods and/or formats, such as online learning
  • An opportunity for travel and international study with students
  • An opportunity to supplement your income and possibly generate a financial return for your department or college
  • The chance to create a teaching assistant employment and training opportunity
  • Smaller classes than in the fall and spring, with students motivated to immerse themselves in the material
  • Time for in-depth discussion
  • More personal interactions with students
  • An interesting mix of students—greater diversity of age, occupation (including Cornell employees), than in fall and spring
  • A chance to offer students practical field study, course-related internships, community-engaged work, and service-learning opportunities
  • The ability to provide more complex experiments and problem sets
  • The ability to see students' progress more easily and to give more individual attention
  • A relaxed time of year to be on campus