School in the Summertime? You Betcha!, August 1, 2009

Streetsquash review by Julian Hackney, StreetSquash Member, Team 2, August 2009

This summer I was given the opportunity to attend Cornell University's Summer College. This experience is something that I will never forget. On my way towards Cornell, I felt excited but nervous because I did not know what to expect and I knew no one there. Another concern that I had was the work that we were going to be assigned. I feared that it might be too much or that I might become overwhelmed and not do my best. After a few days passed, I was getting used to the lectures that were given, the discussions we had, and most importantly, the extensive, small print readings, journals, and sometimes, essays for homework. I learned how to evenly manage my time after class and during the weekends so I was able to do other activities with the new friends that I made.

I also feel that this experience made me more independent because we were in charge of what we did and how to manage our time. We did not have anyone to make sure we did laundry, eat, and do our homework. That responsibility was on the student. We did, however, have amazing teacher's assistants to help us with our assignments. In class, we had guest speakers who further discussed the topics we focused on whether it was midwifery, plagues, viruses, or the healthcare system. Overall, the class was not as difficult as I thought and I managed to pass the class with an 87%.

I made so many good friends at summer college. We all still keep in touch and meet up occasionally. My experience on a college campus has been extraordinary and I am grateful that I was able to have such a great time learning and meeting new people. I hope to apply what I learned at Cornell University to what I am going to learn this year at Thurgood Marshall Academy. This college program was such a great experience that helped expand my knowledge of science and will hopefully help in the future with my career.