Your camper's health and safety are our top priority.

In addition to reviewing the information below, see our Code of Conduct.


All Cornell CAU youth staff are CPR and First Aid certified, and a licensed EMS medical director lives on site.

For health issues that need additional attention, the program uses off-campus urgent and emergency care facilities.

For camper safety, all participants are required to submit medical authorization and immunization forms when they register. See forms & waivers.

Campus safety

The Cornell University Police Department (CUPD) operates 24 hours a day, every day of the year, from G-2 Barton Hall.

It can be reached by calling 911 on any phone on the Cornell campus.

You can also use a Blue Light telephone or other campus emergency phone.

Blue Light telephones

Blue Light telephones are located throughout campus and provide direct communication with the Cornell Police. If you need assistance, or in an emergency, pick up the receiver or push the button. Officers will know your location automatically and respond quickly.


This nationally acclaimed summer educational experience features the highest staff-to-youth ratio in day camping.

We operate with an average 1:5 staff-to-child ratio. For younger groups, the ratio is closer to 1:3.

  • Campers ages 4-12 are never left alone, and no camper in this age group is ever left alone with a staff member. Young campers take trips to the bathroom with their entire group, escorted by camp staff. In addition, we mandate that our youth program staff and campers refrain from participating in one-on-one communications via social media, telephone, and social groups.
  • Teens 13-15 may not leave our program area unsupervised. Although group chats may be necessary at times, we mandate that our teen staff and campers refrain from participating in one-on-one communications via social media, telephone, and social groups.


Authorized adults who wish to see their children during operating hours must ask for them at the front desk of their programs.

  • For campers 4–12, the desk is located on the third floor of Appel Community Center.
  • For teens 13–15, the desk is located at the entrance of Bauer Residence Hall. Under no circumstance may unauthorized adults or parents be on floors with residential teens.

Staff training

All staff are vetted through a rigorous hiring process and must complete several background checks.

They attend extensive training prior to the first day of camp, during which they are taught camp policies and procedures, supervision and teaching techniques, and how to manage risks and facilitate groups.

All staff complete the "Protecting Minors" and "Identifying Misconduct" courses through Cornell's Risk Management.

In addition, they practice techniques designed to optimize their interactions with campers and build campers' self-esteem and confidence. And they work to become experts in leading songs, games, and skits, as well as becoming inspiring instructors or teaching assistants in the classroom.

This program is licensed through the New York Department of Health and abides by and upholds the criteria necessary to operate a children's camp.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.