Residential children 4–12

Residential youth will reside with their guardian/family in Alice Cook House on Cornell's West Campus.

Residential teens 13–15

CAU teens live in Bauer residence hall on Cornell's North Campus, where a staff of counselors will provide continuous guidance and supervision.

The building contains study areas, laundry rooms, and main lounges for large gatherings.

All exterior building doors and hallways to residential floors are locked 24 hours a day. We do not allow propping open exterior doors.

When can I move in?

Move-in and pick-up information will be emailed to participants in mid-June.

Note: A large residential expansion project is now underway on Cornell's North Campus. Construction is expected to last until fall 2022 and will impact transportation, parking, and more in this area. For information, read about the North Campus Residential Expansion, contact Student and Campus Life, or email

When will I get my roommate assignment?

You'll receive your roommate assignment when you arrive on campus.

Teen housing is assigned by gender identity. CAU will assign housing based on the gender with which you feel most comfortable. If you have any housing concerns, contact us.

What's in my room?

You'll be assigned to a single or double room when you arrive on campus.

Your room comes furnished with

  • A lamp
  • A bed for each resident
  • A desk for each resident
  • A bureau for each resident
  • Bookcases and chairs
  • A pillow, blankets, and bed linens (sheets and a pillowcase)

What do I do if I need accessible housing?

If you need accessible housing accommodations (i.e., strobe fire alarms, an air conditioning unit) due to a disability or chronic health condition, please contact us as soon as possible to make arrangements.


You can do your laundry for free in the Bauer laundry room.