We strive to ensure that our programs meet the needs of all campers within the boundaries, guidelines, and rules of our program.

To that end, we have established the following zero-tolerance policy, rules, and consequences.

Cornell Univeristy reserves the right to suspend or expel a camper from the program at any time for serious violations of the code of conduct.

Zero-tolerance policy

We have a zero-tolerance policy for these behaviors:

  • Inflicting physical harm on another individual
  • Verbal threats that may cause physical harm to another individual
  • Verbal threats that may destroy property
  • Possession of a weapon, controlled substance, or alcohol
  • Bullying and harassment in any form
  • Inappropriate touching of another individual
  • Leaving camp grounds


  • No alcohol and drugs (including vape) are permitted
  • No weapons of any kind may be brought to camp, including penknives
  • No guests in bedrooms
  • Cell phones can be used only during assigned times (see cell phone policy below)
  • No tampering with or hanging items off of fire alarm systems
  • No running or playing sports in the hallways, stairwells, or other community areas
  • Keep hands, feet, body, and objects to yourself
  • Show respect to staff, others, and self
  • Speak for yourself, not others
  • Do not willfully destroy Cornell property
  • All residents are responsible for community areas
  • Do not go anywhere without a counselor or staff person
  • Clean up after activities


Depending upon the severity of the misconduct, the following consequence(s) may be enforced:

  • Verbal warning
  • Redirection to another activity
  • Time away without activities
  • Parent/guardian notification
  • Payment for any damage your camper causes
  • Notice of suspension (without refund)
  • Removal from program

Cell phone policy

Children 4–12 may not use cell phones during camp hours.

Teens 13–15 may use cell phones as follows:

  • Cell phones may be used in the morning in the residence hall, during rec time, and after the evening program.
  • Cell phones may not be used while walking to and from activities and/or classes.
  • Cell phones may not be used during class times, meals, program meetings, and evening activities unless expressly allowed.
  • Cell phones and charging cables are to be checked in by 10:00 p.m. daily. Teens may pick up their phones in the morning.
  • Teens will need to use an alarm clock for their wakeup routines instead of their cell phones.