Cornell CAU youth programs focus on combining Ivy League academics with the fun and friendships of a camp.

All campers attend morning courses and afternoon activities and/or courses.

For examples of a typical week, see the daily schedule for youth 4-12 and the daily schedule for teens 13-15.

Morning courses

Morning courses are taught by well-trained instructors who are Cornell graduate and undergraduate students.

The curriculum emphasizes hands-on activities and projects intended to expose campers to specific areas of study. Courses are structured as one-week offerings, repeating the same content each week, with 12.5 hours of instructional time (five 2.5-hour classes).

  • Young children (ages 4–7)
    These campers may take a total of two weeks' worth of morning courses without repeating content.
  • Older children (ages 8–12) and teens (ages 13–15)
    These campers may spend several weeks at CAU without repeating a morning course.

Afternoon activities & courses

  • Children (ages 4–12)

    Afternoon courses for youth are primarily recreational and social in nature and feature traditional camp activities. Activities often repeat from one week to the next within one age group and may include swimming, bowling, arts and crafts, field trips, and other dynamic programming.

  • Teens (ages 13–15)

    Teens may choose from afternoon courses that are either academic or recreational in nature. Afternoon courses repeat the same content each week.