How do I cancel my enrollment?

  • Send written notification of your wish to withdraw to
  • Your official date of withdrawal will be the date on which this email is sent.

How much is my refund?

The deposit, refund deadline, and amount refundable are specified under "Prices" for each individual program.

Date of official withdrawal Refund
Before your program's refund deadline and within 48 hours of paying your deposit Full refund of your deposit minus a $200 administrative fee
Before your program's refund deadline but 49 hours or more after paying your deposit Partial refund of your deposit
After your program's refund deadline No refund

We strongly advise you to purchase trip cancellation insurance in case you must cancel your registration after you have made full payment.

CAU can rarely recover money we have paid in your name after the program's refund deadline.

Occasionally, we are forced to cancel a program. If CAU cancels a program for which you have registered, we will refund you the full amount.