Your personal safety is our top concern

Cornell CAU partners only with reputable tour companies that have a long history of ensuring passenger safety and comfort.

In addition, each study tour group is accompanied by a local guide who is well informed about area customs, environmental risks, dietary concerns, and other helpful information.

CAU stays in contact with the tour operators and Cornell’s International Travel Health and Safety (ITHS) team. We monitor travel alerts issued by the U.S. Department of State to make sure you have country-specific and updated travel information prior to your departure.

Before your trip, CAU will ask you to provide information about your health, medications, emergency contacts, and related details so that our staff and tour guides can ensure proper medical treatment if the need arises.

Additional services for international travelers

Several months before your departure, we'll send you a list of required and/or recommended immunizations, if any.

In addition, we register all Cornell CAU trips to international destinations with the Cornell International Travel Registry, which will enable you to take advantage of international travel assistance through International SOS, an industry leader in travel health, safety, security, and advice.

Several weeks prior to your departure, we'll send you an International SOS card, which includes 24/7 access to medical, emotional, security, and evacuation services. Keep this card with you for the duration of your trip to use as needed for free emergency and non-emergency services.

Note: It is important to understand that although International SOS offers you travel, medical, and security advice and services, this is a travel assistance program that coordinates benefits with the travel medical insurance. Please take the time to inform yourself on the benefits offered. If you anticipate the need for additional care (routine or preventative) while abroad, please speak with your current insurance provider to understand your existing benefits and options.