Volcanoes, Ancient Sites & Hill Villages in South Italy, the Aeolian Islands & Sicily

Spanning some 200 miles of the Mediterranean Sea, the magnificent Bay of Naples, the fabled Aeolian Islands, and storied Sicily are some of the most geologically active and historically important regions in Italy.

With wisdom from our Cornell faculty guides, classics professor Michael Fontaine and associate professor Esteban Gazel from the Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Department, we will examine how volcanic forces shaped Southern Italy’s spectacular landscapes and influenced Italy’s ancient cultures and scientific thinking.

Roving between Vesuvius in Southern Italy’s Campania and Sicily’s Mount Etna, we will explore the important roles lava fields, calderas, and hydrothermal activity play in Italian life as we learn more about the geology around us. We will also visit historic sites that reveal how Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, and Normans, among others left their mark on Italian culture.

From grand vistas to incredible historic insights, join us on this journey to one of Europe’s most fascinating regions.