Peer into Cornell Library's vault of rare & fragile materials to learn how history is preserved

How do archivists and special collections librarians find, curate, and preserve relics from times of human conflict or disease, such as wars and pandemics? And what can relics from these extraordinary events tell us about Cornell University's own history?

During this course, which will focus on the period from the American Civil War to COVID-19, we'll dive into the university archives in Cornell's world-class Rare and Manuscript Collections, which is a treasure trove for showcasing the university's rich history.

We'll examine the impact of major historical events on higher education and how libraries and archives play a role in documenting the past and present.

Together, we'll explore one-of-a-kind manuscripts and artifacts while learning about our own role in preserving history and why those boxes in your attic might contain treasure for future scholars.

Read more about the Earle brothers: History Brothers: A Chat with Evan Earle '02, MS '14, and Corey Earle '07, Cornellians, May 13, 2022