All credit courses offered through Cornell SCE are regular, credit-bearing Cornell University classes taught by Cornell instructors. The grades and credits you earn through these courses are recorded on an official Cornell University transcript. As such, these classes — and all credit-bearing offerings — are subject to the Cornell tuition rate set by the university's Board of Trustees.

The total charge for a three- or six-week Summer Residential Program is made up of

  • The tuition charge, based on the number of credits you take:
    The current tuition rate is $1,620 per credit.
  • The residential charge, based on the length of your course(s):
    The charge is $2,415 for three weeks in residence or $4,830 for six weeks in residence.
  • The application fee of $75.
  • A health-coverage related fee (see Student Health Plan below).

Three-week options

Course credits Tuition plus residential charge
(Does not include health or application fee)
Three credits $7,275
Four credits $8,895

Six-week options

Course credits Tuition plus residential charge
(Does not include health or application fee)
Five credits $12,930
Six credits $14,550
Seven credits $16,170
Eight credits $17,790

What's included?

These charges cover the following:

Tuition/academic charge

  • Tuition for enrollment in regular Cornell University undergraduate credit-bearing courses (two classes of up to eight credits for six weeks of study and one class of three to four credits for three weeks of study).
  • Most course-specific fees.
  • An official Cornell University transcript.

Residential charge

  • The cost of accommodations in a Cornell residence hall supervised by residential community advisors.
  • A full meal plan.
  • Access to student life and 24/7 safety services.
  • Participation in academic skills workshops, learning activities, admissions workshops, one-on-one admissions counseling sessions, and a wide range of social activities.

The charges above do not cover the cost of health or application fees, books, supplies, or travel to Cornell.

Student Health Plan

For information about the health fee, the health plan, and health services, visit the precollege health services page.

If you live within the U.S.

You are required to pay the $122 summer Student Health Fee. You may choose whether to also enroll in Cornell’s Student Health Plan (SHP).

If you live outside the U.S.

You are required to pay the $122 summer Student Health Fee and enroll in Cornell's Student Health Plan (SHP) for the length of your program. There is an additional charge for this coverage that will be added to your program charge above.

The fees for Cornell's SHP in 2022 are $285 per month, which translates to the following:

Program dates SHP fee
Three-week 2 (June 18–July 9, 2022) $570
Three-week 3 (July 10–30, 2022) $285
Six-week (June 18–August 2, 2022) $855
Architecture (June 18–July 30, 2022) $570

Payment deadline

To hold your place in your course, you must submit your full payment within two days of the date of your acceptance letter.

However, if you apply within a week of your application deadline, payment is due on the day of your acceptance letter.

International students

It is critical that you submit your full charge immediately upon your acceptance to the Summer Residential Program so that we can issue you an I-20. See our International applicants page for visa information.

In addition, as soon as you have made your payment and received an official Flywire confirmation number, please forward that confirmation number to us at

Read about payment methods

Official enrollment

You are not officially enrolled until you have submitted full payment and completed all of your required forms and paperwork.

Program spaces are limited and other precollege and undergraduate students may be requesting seats in your course(s). You may lose your place if your class reaches its maximum enrollment before you submit your payment and complete your required forms. It is to your advantage to pay and submit your paperwork as soon as possible.