How do your electronic devices impact your life?

The modern digital era has profoundly affected the development of the generation that has grown up within it. In this program, you'll explore some of the tremendous opportunities these technologies offer, as well as the ethical and moral challenges associated with living in the digital age.

After looking at human development and communication technologies in a broad sociological context, you'll consider the role of modern technologies in identity formation and expression, relationships and intimacy, mental health, and civic engagement.

In active discussions, you'll consider questions such as:

  • How is identity defined within social media?
  • How are constructions of youth, gender, race, ethnicity, and sexuality represented in social media contexts?
  • Can social media technologies help promote positive behaviors and civic engagement?
  • How does use of social media affect mental health and broader well-being?

Readings and discussions will be augmented with personal reflection and activities designed to help you apply what you're learning to the real world contexts within which you live and study.