COVID-19 vaccination and testing requirement

Note: You may not come to campus before submitting proof of being fully vaccinated for COVID-19. It is also highly recommended that you receive a COVID-19 booster when eligible. In addition, you must complete a PCR or Antigen test prior to arriving on campus. See COVID-19 information below and on the page for "Residential Programs and COVID Updates."

To be officially enrolled in your class(es), you must submit your full payment and all required forms and paperwork. You can check the status of your payment and admissions forms through your Student Services account.

First things first

Pay the program fee

You must submit your full payment within two days from the date on your acceptance letter, or immediately if you're admitted within one week of the application deadline. You may lose your place if you do not meet your payment deadline.

International students

As an international student, you must obtain an F-1 student visa to attend the Precollege Summer Program. It can take weeks to process your request, so leave yourself as much time as possible.

Activate your NetID and Cornell email address

Your NetID is your key to secure online services at Cornell. Activate it along with setting up your Cornell email account (with security questions) as soon as you receive an email with instructions from Cornell Information Technologies (CIT). CIT will begin sending activation emails in late March. You'll receive your CIT email about a week after you've made your full payment via the Student Services system.

If you have any questions about NetIDs or need help activating your NetID or setting up your Cornell email address, please contact the IT Support Desk during business hours.

Enroll in Cornell's emergency mass notification system

To ensure you receive critical information and alerts, after activating your NetID, visit the Student Center. Under the "Personal Information" category, enter your contact information under the links for "Emergency Contact Info" and "Emergency Mass Notification."

Review Cornell Academic Integrity policies

Be sure to read and become familiar with the following before you arrive:

Rent a refrigerator or fan

  • Optional: You can rent these items on Opening Day, but we encourage you to submit your refrigerator and/or fan order before arriving on Cornell's campus.

Submit important forms

You will not be officially enrolled in your class(es) until all your required forms are complete. You'll receive an email with instructions for using our online Student Services system to check the status of your forms.

1. COVID-19 Vaccination, NYS Immunization, and Health History Requirements forms

  • Required
  • Deadline: May 16, 2022

All precollege students are required to meet the vaccination, immunization, and health history requirements outlined on the Cornell Health website by May 16, 2022.

You may begin the requirements process as soon as your NetID is activated; we strongly encourage you to do so.

Any student who misses the May 16, 2022, deadline will be disenrolled from their class(es) and withdrawn from the program. Refunds will only be issued pursuant to the SCE Refund Schedule.

Visit the Cornell Health website to review your requirements and learn how to comply.

In addition to meeting the listed requirements, you must also take a COVID-19 PCR or Antigen test before arriving on the Cornell campus.

  • If you’re using an antigen or home test, you must take it no more than 24 hours before arriving on campus.
  • If you’re using a PCR test, you must take it no more than 72 hours before arriving on campus (the additional time is to allow for your results to come in before you arrive on campus).

If your test is negative, you may proceed to campus. If your test is positive, you must contact Precollege Studies immediately.

International precollege students who are unable to complete or begin the COVID-19 vaccination series or NYS immunizations by the deadline because they reside in a country where those vaccines are not available, must contact Cornell Health before May 16 for guidance and instructions on how to obtain immunizations upon arrival at Cornell.

2. 2022 Precollege Studies Code of Academic Integrity (NetID required)

  • Required
  • Deadline: As soon as your NetID is activated
  • Must be completed by the student

3. 2022 Parental Permission and Acknowledgment Form

  • Required
  • Deadline: Upon your acceptance to the program
  • Must be signed by your custodial parent/guardian

4. 2022 Permission for Medical Care for Precollege Participants (NetID required)

  • Required
  • Deadline: Upon your acceptance to the program
  • Must be signed by your custodial parent/guardian

5. Cornell ID Card Request Form (NetID required)

  • Required
  • Deadline: As soon as your NetID is activated
  • You must submit a photo for your student ID card online
  • Questions about ID cards? Contact 607.255.4232 or

6. Health Information Form

  • Optional: Complete only if you have any special needs, medications, allergies, or other health issues, so we can inform the residential staff and faculty as needed.
  • Deadline: May 13

7. Student Health Plan (SHP) Enrollment Form

  • Required for students living outside the U.S.
    Note: The charge for this coverage is included in your program fee.
  • Optional for students living within the U.S.
    U.S. students who do not have health insurance that meets Cornell's minimum requirements may enroll in SHP. In addition to submitting the enrollment form, you must email the the Precollege Studies office ( with the subject line "SHP Enrollment." In your email, indicate your full name and program(s) and the payment method you'll use to pay the premium. See How to pay for payment options.
  • Deadline: at time of payment
  • Must be signed by your custodial parent/guardian.
  • For information, see Health services.

8. Disability Self-Disclosure and Request for Access—Accommodations Form (NetID required)

  • Required only for students requesting disability services
  • Deadline: As soon as you receive your NetID
  • Submit this form (available after March 1) if you have a disability and need disability services to participate fully in the Precollege Summer Program. Advance notice is needed to arrange the timely implementation of accommodations, thus it is best to submit the Disability Self Disclosure and Request for Access Accommodations and your supporting documentation at least three weeks before you arrive to campus.
  • Questions about disability services? Contact Student Disability Services.

While you're here

Going off campus?

Your parent/guardian must fill out the permission form for riding in a private car (PDF) permission form for riding in a private car each time you want to ride in a private car. This form keeps our Summer Residential Program staff informed of your plans and whereabouts.

Bringing your bicycle?

Be sure to register your bike. (NetID required) Student bikes must be registered upon arrival, in case we need to identify the owner.

Next steps

Check out tips for studying at Cornell:

View your class(es)

Your course(s) will appear in Student Center about 7 to 10 days before your class starts.

In addition, your course website in Canvas will open about 2 days before your class starts. Learn more.

Before that time, you may view the course(s) in which you are enrolled by visiting your Student Services account and clicking on the “Enrollment Verification Form.”

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