First things first

  1. Reserve your place! Pay the program fee

    To hold your place in the program, you must submit your full payment within five business days from the date on your acceptance letter, or immediately if you're admitted within one week of the application deadline. You may lose your place if you do not meet your payment deadline.
  2. International students: Submit your I-20 request form

    As an international student, you must obtain an F-1 student visa to attend Summer College. It can take weeks to process your request, so leave yourself as much time as possible.
  3. Activate your NetID and Cornell email address

    Your NetID is your key to secure online services at Cornell. Activate it along with your Cornell email account as soon as you receive an email with instructions from Cornell Information Technologies (CIT). Emails will be sent beginning in late March.
  4. Enroll in Cornell's emergency mass notification system

    To ensure you receive critical information and alerts, after activating your NetID, visit the Student Center. Under the "Personal Information" category, enter your contact information under the links for "Emergency Contact Info" and "Emergency Mass Notification."
  5. Review Cornell Academic Integrity policies

    Be sure to read and become familiar with the following before you arrive:

  6. Rent a refrigerator or fan

    • Optional: You can rent these items on Opening Day, but we encourage you to submit your refrigerator and/or fan order before arriving on campus.

Submit important forms

You'll receive an email with instructions for using our online Student Services system to check the status of your forms. Don't wait until Opening Day to submit required forms, or you'll be delayed during check-in!

  1. Summer College Academic Code of Conduct (NetID required)

    • Required
    • Deadline: June 9
    • Must be completed by the student.
  2. Parental Permission and Acknowledgment Form

    • Required
    • Deadline: June 9
    • Must be signed by your custodial parent/guardian.
  3. Cornell ID Card Request Form (NetID required)

    • Required
    • Deadline: May 26
    • You must submit a photo for your student ID card online.
    • Questions about ID cards? Contact 607.255.4232 or
  4. Health History and Immunization Compliance (NetID required)

    • Required
    • Deadline: May 13 (or May 27, 2019, for students admitted after May 3)
    • If the Cornell Health team finds any problems with your form(s) or your compliance, they will send instructions to your Cornell email to log in to their patient portal for more information.
    • Questions about health forms or immunization compliance? Contact 607.255.4364.
  5. Health Information Form

    • Optional: Complete only if you have any special needs, medications, allergies, or other health issues, so we can inform the residential staff and faculty as needed.
    • Deadline: May 14
  6. Student Health Plan (SHP) Enrollment Form

    • Required for students living outside the U.S.
      Note: The charge for this coverage is included in your program fee.
    • Optional for students living within the U.S.
      U.S. students who do not have health insurance that meets Cornell's minimum requirements may enroll in SHP. In addition to submitting the enrollment form, you must email the Summer College office ( with the subject line "SHP Enrollment." In your email, indicate your full name and program(s) and the payment method you'll use to pay the premium. See How to pay for payment options.
    • Deadline: May 25
    • Must be signed by your custodial parent/guardian.
    • For information, see Health services.
  7. Disability Self-Disclosure and Request for Access—Accommodations Form (NetID required)

    • Required only for students requesting disability services
    • Deadline: May 31
    • Submit this form (available after March 1) if you have a disability and need disability services to participate fully in the Summer College program. Advance notice is needed to arrange the timely implementation of accommodations thus it is best to submit the Disability Self Disclosure and Request for Access Accommodations and necessary documentation at least three weeks before you arrive to campus.
    • Questions about disability services? Contact Student Disability Services.

While you're here

  1. Going off campus?

    Your parent/guardian must fill out the permission form for riding in a private car each time you want to ride in a private car. This form keeps our Summer College staff informed of your plans and whereabouts.

  2. Planning to stay off campus overnight?

    Ask your parent/guardian to fill out the permission form for staying overnight off campus. This form lets our staff know if you will be staying off campus overnight.

  3. Bringing your bicycle?

    Be sure to register your bike. (NetID required) Student bikes must be registered upon arrival, in case we need to identify the owner.