Congratulations on being accepted to the Business World in New York City program!

Please note that you will not be officially enrolled in your class until all your required forms are complete. Contact us if you have any questions.

First things first

Reserve your place! Pay the program fee

To hold your place in the program, you must submit your full payment within two days from the date on your acceptance letter, or immediately if you're admitted within one week of the application deadline. You may lose your place if you do not meet your payment deadline.

International students: Submit your I-20 request form (PDF)

If you are an international student, you must obtain an F-1 student visa to attend the Business in NYC program. It can take weeks to process your request, so leave yourself as much time as possible.

Activate your NetID and Cornell email address

Your NetID is your key to secure online services at Cornell. Activate it along with setting up your Cornell email account (with security questions) as soon as you receive an email with instructions from Cornell Information Technologies (CIT). CIT will begin sending activation emails in late March. You'll receive your CIT email about a week after you've made your full payment via the Student Services system.

Review Cornell Academic Integrity policies

Be sure to read and become familiar with the following before you arrive:

Complete the Cornell University COVID-19 Summer checklist

  • Required
  • Deadline: As soon as your NetID is activated.
  • It is essential that the dates and information you provide on the checklist are accurate. Any changes you make to the Checklist should accurately reflect changes to your plans.
  • Questions about the Checklist? See the Checklist FAQ page. Can’t find an answer? Contact

Upload proof of COVID-19 vaccination and booster dose (when eligible)

  • Required (you may not attend in-person activities and/or instruction before submitting proof of being fully vaccinated and receiving a booster dose when eligible)
  • Deadline: As soon as your NetID is activated
  • Log in to the Daily Check Portal and submit images of your vaccination and booster cards under the COVID-19 Proof of Vaccination section.
  • Questions about the upload process? Contact

Submit important forms

You'll receive an email with instructions for using our online Student Services system to check the status of your forms.

1. 2022 Precollege Studies Code of Academic Integrity (NetID required)

  • Required
  • Deadline: As soon as your NetID is activated
  • Must be completed by the student.

2. 2022 Parental Permission and Acknowledgment Form (Available in Spring)

  • Required
  • Deadline: Upon your acceptance to the program
  • Must be signed by your custodial parent/guardian

3. 2022 Precollege Studies Parental Permission and Hold Harmless Agreement for Domestic Travel Release of Liability (Available in Spring)

  • Required
  • Deadline: Upon your acceptance to the program
  • Must be signed by your custodial parent/guardian

4. Submit a photo for your instructor's class list (Available in Spring) (NetID required)

  • Required
  • Deadline: As soon as your NetID is activated
  • You must submit a photo online.
  • Questions? Contact 607.255.4232 or

5. Disability Self-Disclosure and Request for Access—Accommodations Form (NetID required)

  • Required only for students requesting disability services
  • Deadline: As soon as you receive your NetID
  • Submit this form (available after March 1) if you have a disability and need disability services to participate fully in the Precollege Summer Program. Advance notice is needed to arrange the timely implementation of accommodations, thus it is best to submit the Disability Self Disclosure and Request for Access Accommodations and your supporting documentation at least three weeks before you arrive to campus.
  • Questions about disability services? Contact Student Disability Services.

Next steps

Check out tips for studying at Cornell:

View your class(es)

Your course(s) will appear in Student Center about 7 to 10 days before your class starts.

In addition, your course website in Canvas will open about 2 days before your class starts. Learn more.

Before that time, you may view the course(s) in which you are enrolled by visiting your Student Services account and clicking on the “Enrollment Verification Form.”