2020 Courses

  • Winter Session 2020 course rosters will be available in late September.
  • Summer Session 2020 course rosters will be available in November.

Enjoy an Ivy League law school experience while exploring life in France

Taught in English by members of the Cornell Law School faculty, this intensive program introduces advanced prelaw students to legal practice and study from an international perspective and provides mentorship for law school success.

In a four-credit course, Introduction to the Global Study of Law, you'll explore topics including cross-cultural and comparative law, the globalization of constitutional law, human rights, and international business law and transactions.

In addition, you’ll participate in a small-group seminar covering essential topics in law study, such as note-taking, briefing cases, and preparing for law exams.

Integrated into the coursework is an exploration of Parisian life and culture, which will allow you to consider how legal developments in France impact issues such as immigration and participation in the European Union.

You may also enroll in French language study, audit other Cornell Law School course offerings, and attend informational sessions about the law school application and admissions process.