1. Select your course(s)

Choose from

Also be sure to review prerequisites and credit limits.

2. Complete a course enrollment form (PDF)

Summer Session students

Complete only one course enrollment form, even if you're attending more than one session.

Fall/Spring Study students

Ask the course instructor(s) (or departments) to digitally sign your form. If a digital signature is not possible, please attach written approval (email is acceptable). The instructor determines if there is space in the class and if you have completed prerequisites, if any. The instructor's signature or department approval indicates you have permission to enroll in the class. If the college registrar's approval is required for your course, you should obtain it at this step.

Note: Due to COVID-19, students enrolling in part-time study for Fall 2020 may register only for courses that may be completed entirely online. They may not participate in classes that contain on-campus components. See Part-time study and the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Cornell employees

Obtain the signatures of your supervisor and department head.

3. Submit your course enrollment form by the registration deadline

Email forms to the School of Continuing Education at cusce@cornell.edu.

Registration deadline

See the academic calendar for your session:

4. Pay your tuition and fees

For the Fall 2020 semester, tuition and fees are due within two business days of the date of enrollment.

See tuition and how to pay.

Summer Session students

If you're participating in more than one session, payment must be submitted for all sessions according to the applicable dates for the first session in which you are enrolling.