In general, most people wanting to register for a course for credit through Cornell SCE will enroll by mail, in person, or online:

Enroll via email

Enroll online (available for Summer Session only)


If you fall into any of the following categories, visit the linked page for enrollment and registration instructions:

Sponsored students

Sponsored students are either exchange students who pay tuition to a "home" institution while taking classes through Cornell SCE or students who receive partial or total tuition funding as a benefit from another institution, corporation, or agency.

Sponsored students should consult their home institution or sponsor for registration instructions and should also follow the instructions on this site to enroll via email.

The sponsored student registration category includes:

  • Corporate-sponsored students
  • Government-sponsored students
  • Empire State College students*
  • ROTC students
  • Binghamton University, Syracuse University, and University of Rochester graduate exchange students
  • Wells College and Ithaca College undergraduates

*By registering through Cornell SCE, Empire State College students may take Cornell courses at a reduced tuition rate (25 percent of the regular Cornell tuition).

Empire State College students may register only for courses offered by the state contract schools and colleges of the university: the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, the College of Human Ecology, the School of Industrial and Labor Relations, and the College of Veterinary Medicine.

Contact us for more information.