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If you wish to acquire new skills, develop your capabilities, advance your career, or enhance your resume, but you need a flexible schedule, consider enrolling in one of our online credit-bearing courses.

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Customized online & hybrid courses

Can't find the online course or training you want on our current roster? Contact us to help you develop a program tailored to your specifications.

With its long tradition of extension and outreach, Cornell has been a pioneer in the use of online learning technologies and a leader in providing the highest quality content to companies and organizations throughout the world.

Here at Cornell's School of Continuing Education and Summer Sessions (SCE), we work to link corporate leaders with noted university scholars and researchers to develop intensive, focused, and effective programs to help meet your organization's needs in a rapidly changing environment. These programs can take place at Cornell, at corporate sites, in segments at various locations, or in multiple locations though online learning technologies.

Whether you want to enhance productivity, reduce the cost of doing business, or build skills and knowledge, our experienced and knowledgeable staff and faculty can partner with you to develop a program. We'll help you

  • Identify the best faculty members for your purpose (that is, people with the right knowledge and research interests who are also dynamic, focused teachers and who understand the concerns of business and industry)
  • Facilitate an open, substantive planning dialogue between those faculty members and the essential people from the corporation
  • Design a program that makes the most of the faculty, the participants, the time, and the place

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