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Summer Term

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During the eight-week summer term, you'll enroll in one course, earn four Cornell credits, and, if you wish, complete an internship. Open to students from any university or college who have completed their freshman year.

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Top 3 reasons to study with Cornell in Washington

Student experiences

"Through CIW, I was a communications intern for the Louis D. Brandeis Center for Human Rights Under Law during the spring and summer of 2018... My experience was tremendous, as I was able to work closely with brilliant attorneys who constantly challenged my worldview, introduced me to the world of civil rights legal advocacy, and put me on the path toward my own legal career."
"CIW was my most valuable semester at Cornell as it allowed me to put my skills to use outside the classroom. I interned at a private healthcare consulting firm and my research paper was on racial bias in health care settings, which I used as a springboard to apply to grad school. Soon I’ll be getting my PhD in health services research at Brown University. I’m forever thankful for CIW and its impact on my journey!"